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During construction, ASN Telecom would have installed a 1Gbps capacity Network Termination Device (NTD) / Optical Network Unit (ONU) within your premise. If this is the case, please contact an ASN Telecom partnered Retail Service Provider (RSP) of your choice and get connected today. Dependent upon the in-door cabling set-up, the RSP’s router will plug directly into the ASN Telecom NTD or your local data socket.

ASN has several partnered Retail Service Providers on its network and the list continues to grow. Please check the current list here.

For all existing residential internet connections, please contact your elected Retail Service Provider as they’re your first point of contact and Level 1 Support

Simply put – plug and play. During construction ASN Telecom and the Electrician have installed the entire TV network to the wall-socket behind the lounge-room and bedroom wall. As always, you will require an antenna cable between your TV and the wall socket.

Whilst Foxtel’s platform continues to upgrade, ASN Telecom has made sure the building is Foxtel certified. Therefore, the connection should work seamless with the antenna cable, or via internet connectivity if your Foxtel product is IP-Based. Please contact Foxtel directly and advise them you’re connected via ASN Telecom’s Fibre Network.

If you have a building manager, they will be your first contact, and they will consult with ASN. If you are in a single home, please call us directly or email us at and we will diagnose and rectify the fault as soon as possible.

Provided that the community is serviced via ASN Telecom’s Fibre-To-The-Home Infrastructure and there is a lead-in communications conduit in place, you can order a connection via our website or by calling ASN Telecom Customer Service on 1300 120 650. A connection fee may apply, and this amount has been determined in conjunction with your Property Developer.

New Premise Connection Charge (NDC)

In alignment with all compliant Wholesale Telecommunications Carriers there will be a New Development Connection Charge (NDC) in alignment with the Telecommunications In New Developments (TIND) Policy for each apartment, lot, shop, premise or other activating their first internet service via one of ASN’s partnered Retail Service Providers. This once off charge is collected by the Retail Service Provider on service activation and is $300 (inc. GST).

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